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PDC News

  • Rifo visits PDC computer hall as part of KTH study visit

    Published Jun 03, 2022
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  • Registration now open for workshop on Intermediate Topics in MPI

    Published May 16, 2022

    If you have some experience working with basic MPI in academic or industrial research and would you like to start using more advanced aspects of MPI...

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  • Summer jobs for students as support engineers at PDC

    Published May 11, 2022
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  • Applications now open for PDC Summer School

    Published Mar 24, 2022

    The PDC Summer School, "Introduction to High Performance Computing", is for researchers from business/industry or from academia (including students) who want to learn how to write programs for paralle...

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  • Registration now open for Introduction to PDC Systems Course

    Published Mar 07, 2022

    If you would like to use the new Dardel system at PDC, this course is suitable for beginners to high performance computing (HPC) and people with HPC experience who want to learn about using Dardel.

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  • Call now open for help with porting software to LUMI-G and AMD GPUs

    Published Feb 17, 2022

    Do you have an application or software that you'd like to port to LUMI to take full advantage of the AMD GPUs?

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  • Register now for ENCCS OpenACC Bootcamp

    Published Feb 15, 2022

    Join us for this bootcamp to learn how to write a portable parallel program that can run on multicore CPUs and accelerators like GPUs and how to apply incremental parallelization strategies using the ...

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  • Dardel inauguration: New SNIC supercomputer attracts strong interest

    Published Feb 08, 2022

    On the 25th of January 2022, the first phase of the new SNIC supercomputer system at PDC, Dardel, was inaugurated during a virtual event. More than a hundred people joined in from all over Sweden and ...

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  • Latest information about the migration from Beskow/Tegner to Dardel

    Published Feb 03, 2022

    The migration process is well underway for all active projects: most research projects have now been fully transferred to Dardel; for a limited number of projects, the transfer process has been starte...

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  • Business/industry researchers can register for information session about using Dardel

    Published Jan 24, 2022

    All business and industrial researchers who have been using PDC's supercomputer systems, or who are interested in using them in the future, are welcome to a free online information session about using...

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  • Registration open for VeloxChem workshop

    Published Jan 17, 2022

    If you do quantum chemistry research and want to learn how to use the VeloxChem package to make efficient use of modern high-performance computing clusters like Dardel and the pre-exascale supercomput...

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  • Register now for the Advanced GROMACS Workshop

    Published Dec 14, 2021

    Do you already use GROMACS in your research? Are you interested in improving efficiency when using GROMACS?

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  • Join us for the inauguration of the first phase of Dardel

    Published Dec 14, 2021

    Are you curious about the research that has been done on Dardel during the test phase?

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  • Information about the migration from Beskow/Tegner to Dardel

    Published Nov 30, 2021

    PDC will soon start the migration of users, and their data in Klemming, from Beskow/Tegner to Dardel. When the migration of all projects and users is completed, Beskow and Tegner will be decommissione...

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  • Migration to Dardel starting soon

    Published Nov 21, 2021

    As the new SNIC system at PDC, Dardel, passed the final acceptance test with flying colours, PDC is preparing to migrate all the researchers who are currently using Beskow and Tegner over to using Dar...

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  • Registration open for OpenFOAM workshop

    Published Nov 04, 2021

    If you work with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and are fairly new to high-performance computing or haven't worked much with OpenFOAM before, please join ENCCS and PDC for this free online worksho...

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  • EBRAINS adds new service for sensitive brain data

    Published Nov 02, 2021

    The EBRAINS research infrastructure is adding a new service for sensitive medical brain data to its offers for the scientific community – the EBRAINS HealthDataCloud.

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  • Apply now for the HPE Cray EX Programming and Optimization course

    Published Oct 04, 2021

    If you or your research group or company are intending to use the new Dardel system at PDC, or if you provide development support to researchers who are going to use Dardel, you may want to apply to a...

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  • Applications for online ENCCS GPU hackathon close on 6th October

    Published Sep 29, 2021

    If your research team would like to work on your own project with assistance from expert mentors for a full week, make sure to get your application in quickly!

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  • PRACE SHAPE call for SMEs opening 1st October

    Published Sep 29, 2021

    Is your company a European SME that could benefit from expert assistance to take advantage of the innovation possibilities created by High Performance Computing (HPC)?

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