Improve your HPC skills at PDC

PDC offers courses, workshops and seminars to help you improve your high performance computing (HPC) skills - these are open to business/industry and academic researchers, as well as students, all free of charge.

Summer school & courses

The annual PDC Summer School provides attendees with an understanding of how to develop software for different kinds of HPC systems, and also gives plenty of practical experience in developing and running HPC software. If you want to learn more about using HPC in specific research areas, there are also various university courses that are run at PDC.
PDC Summer School
University courses at PDC

Workshops, short courses, cafes & pubs

If you need to run programs at PDC, you can attend one of our short "Introduction to PDC" courses. You can meet PDC staff and get assistance at the PDC Cafes. The PDC Pub is a chance to meet PDC staff and other researchers to discuss HPC topics of interest. PDC also hosts a variety of workshops & short courses for HPC researchers.
Introduction to PDC Systems
Workshops at PDC
PDC Cafes
PDC Pub and Open House

Masters thesis research projects

There are two main kinds of HPC research: research in other areas which uses HPC for simulations or analysis, and research on improving HPC systems and how we use them. Often these are combined in projects that test future HPC systems by using them to run applications. At times PDC has openings for this kind of research.
Masters theses

For dates and details about the training events run at or by PDC, see the PDC calendar of events .

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