Dardel down in week of 19th February for updates to Lustre system - check info about VASP (added 14 Feb)

Read about the next Dardel update  which is scheduled to start on the 19th of February!

Note: The text about the update now (as of 14 February) contains information on VASP updates.

PDC Center for High Performance Computing

PDC runs the Dardel high performance computing (HPC) system  which is currently the fastest supercomputer for academic research in Sweden. The system is mainly funded by the National Academic Infrastructure for Supercomputing in Sweden ( NAISS ). To assist with academic research  and business R&D , PDC also provides data storage facilities , application experts  and other services, including HPC training . In addition, PDC is involved in a range of international and national research projects and infrastructures .

PDC is a key collaborator with NAISS .