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2018-06-19 at 15:47 [tegner]
The PDC cluster Tegner had planned maintenance today, and is up and running again since about two hours. We are sorry that this information did not reach everyone. There were some issues with the mail handling.
2018-06-18 at 09:18 [tegner]
Tegner will have a service window Tue 2018-06-19 for primarily system software updates. No jobs should be affected by this (except for no jobs running during the service window).
2018-06-12 at 04:39 [klemming]
Beskow job starts have now been re-enabled, but investigation on root cause continues.
2018-06-12 at 03:37 [klemming]
Klemming has had problems with access to some files during the day, probably due to some locking gone wrong. Unfortunately, during the evening, these problems suddenly caused most of the threads on the meta data server to hang, making the whole file system very sluggish. We seem to have been able to untie most of the knots now, but the root cause is still unknown, so the investigation continues.
2018-06-11 at 22:28 [beskow]
as file operations towards /cfs/klemming currently are extremely sluggish, no new Beskow jobs will be started until further notice. It is not clear where the problem resides.
2018-06-08 at 12:32 [beskow]
the system is restarted and is running jobs again since a while.
2018-06-08 at 08:09 [beskow]
tentatively the primary cabinet just seem to have experienced a power loss. As today is graduation day in most schools response-time might be somewhat higher.
2018-06-06 at 17:31
some resolvers (name-service lookup) seem to be in poor shape, giving big impact on i.e. time to login to different systems. The problem seem to have started in the morning today. A workaround is now in place on several systems, but the underlying issue is not yet addressed. You should now be able to login more orderly though.
2018-05-25 at 12:59 [beskow]
UPS maintenance completed. Jobs running again.
2018-05-24 at 14:40 [beskow]
The UPS which supplies the Cray with power is up and running but indicating an internal HW-Problem. UPS maintainance will start tomorrow friday at 12:00 MEST(*). To minimize impacts if we should lose power during maintainance, the system will be idle, which means that jobs running across the 12:00 boundary will start _after_ the maintainance window. This is a good opportunity to run short and wide jobs.

Sorry for the inconvinience,

(*) Or sooner if system is idle sooner.

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