Spring/summer PDC newsletter available now -- New drug development collaboration between Oblique Therapeutics & KTH just announced

Press release : Oblique Therapeutics and KTH have just entered into a strategic collaboration to analyse protein structures using supercomputers for research into developing new drugs for pain management, treating migraine and more.

The spring/summer PDC newsletter is now available: you can read a pdf version  of the full newsletter or read the main articles online .

PDC Support will be open over the summer. From 24 June to 16 August responses may take a bit longer as fewer staff are on duty.

The Dardel GPU partition is now back in operation. Unfortunately, we are experiencing some problems with the CPU partition where jobs with many nodes may hang. Remember that the system has an entirely new software stack (with, for example, a newer version of the Cray programming environment, CPE 23/12), so applications may need to be recompiled or reconfigured after the upgrade. Click for more information (updated on 12 June 2024) .

Visit Europe's first exascale system, JUPITER, online with ETP4HPC  on 14 June 2024. 

And you can also catch up on ETP4HPC visits to other EuroHPC systems  (Vega, Karolina, Leonardo & LUMI) if you missed them.

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PDC runs the Dardel high performance computing (HPC) system  which is currently the fastest supercomputer for academic research in Sweden. The system is mainly funded by the National Academic Infrastructure for Supercomputing in Sweden ( NAISS ). To assist with academic research  and business R&D , PDC also provides data storage facilities , application experts  and other services, including HPC training . In addition, PDC is involved in a range of international and national research projects and infrastructures .

PDC is a key collaborator with NAISS .