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PDC collaborates with many businesses from different market sectors, including the life sciences, manufacturing, automotive, transport and energy industries.












PDC Business Unit Newsflashes
2015 No. 2 2015 No. 1

PDC Business Unit Newsflash 2015 No. 2 cover

PDC Business Unit Newsflash 2015 No. 1 cover

PDC provides supercomputing and storage resources, as well as consultancy services, for R&D projects run by academic and industrial researchers around the world.

Do you need to perform large-scale simulations and optimisations?  PDC has a Cray XC40 with over 56,000 CPU cores, along with a range of experts who can help you with coding in specific research areas.

Would your company benefit from any of these?

  • Access to one of the largest HPC supercomputing infrastructures in the Nordic region?
  • On-demand access to typical industrial applications - such as Star CCM+, FLUENT or COMSOL?
  • Secure data storage with optional data encryption?
  • Expert advice and program code tuning for a wide range of scientific and industrial research applications?
  • Undertaking a collaborative R&D project within any one of a number of European initiatives?

We work with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as large businesses - so please get in contact with us PDC Business Unit, no matter the size of your company or your research question.

Most of our current industrial partners are from Sweden and Europe, but we welcome enquiries from any business needing help with high performance computing (HPC) research. In particular, PDC is a member of the Swedish e-Science Research Centre (SeRC) and provides HPC services and consultancy to a range of industrial partners within SeRC.

Whether your company needs a Masters student for a research project, wants to undertake research using PDC's resources and services, is interested in co-ownership of resources hosted at PDC, or simply wants some advice from our expert consultants - please contact the PDC Business Unit to discuss how we can help your company. Download our Business Development through HPC brochure (coming soon) for more details!

To give you a taste of the kind of things PDC can help you with, here are some of our industrial partners.


Scania is a leading global supplier of transport equipment, such as buses and trucks, and also produces engines for industrial and marine applications. Scania employs about 44,000 people in more than 100 countries with their research and development activities being concentrated in Sweden.

Scania and the PDC Center for High Performance Computing started a formal research collaboration in 2010 which has primarily focused on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. PowerFLOW, OpenFOAM and STAR-CCM+ have been the main applications employed for this work.

As part of the collaboration, Scania has made significant funding contributions to the last two generations of PDCs main computational systems and is also making good use of PDCs advanced application assistance, primarily within the CFD area.

The partnership between Scania and PDC, which has been firmly established for many years, is still expanding with additional services, applications and research fields being considered.


MonoTriCat is a relatively small company, that is, an SME, from Italy that develops innovative boat hulls. They have been collaborating with PDC via the PRACE-SHAPE program. PDC's CFD expert created software based on CAT models using OpenFOAM to help MonoTriCat. The new software has been extensively tested on Lindgren (predecessor of Beskow) system at PDC. The project was very succesfull and has been presented at the NAV 2015 - the 18th International Conference on Ships and Shipping Research.



Vattenfall is one of the large power producing companies in Sweden, and Energiforsk is a Swedish Energy Research Centre. Recently PDC, Vattenfall and Energiforsk started a collaborative Masters student project in which experts from Vattenfall and Energiforsk are testing the Beskow system at PDC. They are using OpenFOAM software in this project. The results of the project will be compared to the ones produces by using ANSYS FLUENT .
OHB_logo Odin is Sweden’s fifth scientific research satellite – it was developed in Sweden by the Space Systems division of the Swedish Space Corporation, which later became OHB Sweden. Odin had a dual purpose and initially collected data that was used for astronomy research and also in the study of the mechanisms underlying the depletion of the ozone layer in the Earth’s atmosphere (which is a branch of aeronomy or the study of the atmosphere).  The satellite was launched in 2001 and, at the time, it was expected that Odin would last a couple of years, but amazingly the satellite is still working and is currently being used to collect data for aeronomy studies. This data is being stored at PDC and distributed to scientific researchers all over Europe. In addition, researchers can upload the processed data for distribution and archiving.

PGS is a worldwide company involved in prospecting for oil and gas. The company was founded in Norway, and PGS Technology AB is a Swedish subsidiary that develops software to help in the prospecting process. Their code is used to produce numerical models of the propagation of electromagnetic fields in marine environments with oil or gas reservoirs. PDC has helped PGS Technology to parallelize and optimize their code to run efficiently on supercomputer clusters.


Comsol is the company that develops and produces the software suite, Comsol, which is used for modelling physics-based systems. Their software is used by many of PDC's industrial partners and also by academic researchers working on PDC's systems. Through PDC's partnership with Comsol, we are able to offer our users a wide range of tutorials and workshops given by experts from Comsol.