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Dardel now has an entirely new software stack

Published May 29, 2024

Dardel has now been upgraded to a different cluster management system called HPCM. The upgraded system also has a newer version of the Cray programming environment (cpe/23.12), and the compute nodes are now running a newer version of the Cray operating system. Unfortunately though, there are still some problems in the GPU partition and these need to be resolved before the GPUs can be used. We will alert all Dardel users as soon as the GPUs are available for use.

Most software running on more than one node needs to be recompiled. Users developing software or maintaining a special version of a standard package may need to recompile the software. PDC has recompiled/reconfigured many standard applications on the new system.

To access the new software, you need to load the “PDC/23.12” (or PDC) module. For example:

ml PDC

ml av openfoam

--------------- /pdc/software/PDC/23.12/other ---------------

openfoam/v2312 openfoam/6 openfoam/9 openfoam/11 (D)

Note: The modules PDC/23.03 and PDC/22.06 are not available anymore, so please load PDC/23.12 instead.

Please contact PDC support  if you notice there are any applications missing or if you encounter any other issues.