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Application experts

If you're not an expert in high performance computing (HPC), application experts can assist you to use HPC to do your research.

What is an application expert?

High performance computing (HPC) application experts are researchers who have a background in research in one or more scientific areas, along with extensive experience using HPC programs and applications for research in those areas.

How application experts can assist you

In general application experts can help researchers with

  • problems running programs in specific research areas,
  • optimizing code,
  • advanced software issues,
  • installing more complicated software,
  • applications for time allocations on HPC systems, and
  • more advanced questions about system software or storage.

How to get help from an application expert

There are application experts available at PDC, and also through other computing centres in Sweden, who can help with high performance computing related to specific research areas.

If you would like assistance from an application expert, please contact  and explain what you need help with.

If the expertise of the current PDC application experts lies outside your research area, we will help you to find an application expert based at another Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) centre who can assist you.

Areas of expertise at PDC

PDC's current application experts have backgrounds in the following areas.