2019-06-24 at 13:10 [beskow]
As you are certainly aware of, Beskow is undergoing maintenance. The current service window serves to update the operating system on Beskow from Cray OS 5 to Cray OS 7, as well as upgrade the Lustre file storage system. With this upgrade some necessary changes will be implemented, leading to an adjustment to how software will be used on the cluster. 1. The upgraded Beskow cluster will use native SLURM, which means that “aprun” will not be available any longer and you will instead need to use “srun”. More information is available at and at Please change your submit scripts accordingly prior to submitting your batch scripts to the upgraded cluster. 2. The “module” command will by default load the latest version into your environment if no version is provided manually. More information is available at We however recommend that every “module load” command contains information about what version of the software will be used - for example, type “module load gromacs/2019.2” instead of “module load gromacs”. This ensures that your jobs are consistent when the default module changes. 3. As Beskow is upgraded from Cray OS 5 to Cray OS 7, all software that is available on the cluster needs to be recompiled. We are therefore taking this opportunity to purge unused software packages. Initially we will install recent versions of the most popular software packages, but if you are using less common software or particular versions of software packages, please send an email to PDC support with information about software and version, so we can add it to our installation list. More information about what software packages are being installed is found at In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact PDC support. For contact information see Best regards PDC Support
2019-06-05 at 13:21
Tegner, Beskow and the lustre file-system Klemming will be taken off-line Monday morning, June 17. We will bring Beskow to CLE7/SLES15 and Klemming to Lustre 2.10. The upgrades are quite extensive and we have set aside two weeks for them to complete, i.e., throughout all of June.
2019-06-11 at 12:40 [tegner]
The singularity version on Tegner has been updated to address security issues. Some changes to how singularity stores settings files for running containers has changed as a consequence. Please contact support if you experience any problems.
2019-06-04 at 10:41 [klemming]
About half an hour ago the Klemming file system had some problems creating new files in certain cases. This was due to the file system not properly handling one of its disks getting too full. We urge users to remember to remove inactive data from Klemming as soon as it is not needed anymore for their computations, to reduce the risk of more similar problems in the future.
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