PDC Summer School

"Introduction to High Performance Computing"

For most purposes, the best way to start learning more about high performance computing (HPC) is to attend the PDC Summer School, which is held at PDC (on the main KTH campus in Stockholm) during the last two weeks of August each year. The summer school is open to Masters and Ph.D. students, as well as researchers from academia or industry, from all over the world. The PDC Summer School gives an excellent introduction to what HPC and parallel computing are, and more specifically addresses how to use the PDC systems and how to develop software for HPC. Participants also learn how to improve programs for parallel scientific applications so that they run more efficiently. You can get normal university credit points through KTH for attending the PDC Summer School. Many students and researchers apply to the summer school, so watch out for the announcement in spring each year and apply early to ensure you get a place.

The summer school classes consist of about 35 hours of lectures and 35 hours of computer lab sessions covering topics such as:

  • parallel programming (MPI, OpenMP, GPU),
  • modern computer architectures,
  • parallel algorithms,
  • efficient programming, and
  • HPC case studies.

The lectures are given by international experts followed by hands-on sessions in the PDC computer lab, which gives all participants the opportunity to obtain practical experience of the HPC topics covered in the lectures.

For details about the 2019 PDC Summer School, see the school's website . Information about earlier PDC Summer Schools can be found here .

For further information about the PDC Summer Schools generally, contact: