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Master's theses at PDC

PDC participates in many international projects involving HPC, mostly to do with developing software environments for the much faster supercomputers of the future, which will have more complex designs with even larger levels of parallelism and much larger numbers of processing units. This type of development is often done by taking applications from a particular research area and trying to scale them so they run efficiently on really large systems. That process often includes the development of tools and environments to support such applications. PDC also does development in practical aspects of high performance computing such as energy efficiency and heat re-use issues.

Sometimes PDC can provide Master's thesis projects in the areas where we do research, such as programming environments and tools for future high performance computing (HPC) systems, the energy efficiency of HPC systems, or the practical operation of HPC systems. For more information about such projects, please contact . Students who are interested in doing a Master's thesis project at PDC are welcome to contact: