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Introduction to PDC Systems courses

PDC holds short (3 hr) "Introduction to PDC Systems" courses twice per year (usually in spring and in autumn).

Who can attend

All academic and business/industry researchers using high performance computing (HPC), as well as students, are welcome to attend these courses. There is no fee for attending.

Topics covered

The "Introduction to PDC Systems" courses focus on basic and advanced methods for using PDC systems. Amongst other things, they cover:

  • necessary background information about high performance computing,
  • the supercomputing clusters that are available at PDC,
  • how to apply to use PDC resources,
  • how to get an account at PDC,
  • how to log in to clusters at PDC,
  • how to run software on different nodes,
  • how to store your data for easy access, and
  • how to compile code.

Course material

You can review the "Introduction to PDC Systems" course material  before or after attending the course.

Registration and more information

To enroll in one of the "Introduction to PDC systems" courses, watch for the next course on the PDC Events calendar , follow PDC on Facebook  or join the PDC general announcements mailling list .

For information about the "Introduction to PDC Systems" courses, contact: