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SNIC Cafes/Zoom-ins

Would you like some assistance from a SNIC application expert to use HPC for your research?


Back before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, each month during term time, PDC had been welcoming researchers to an informal "PDC Cafe" where you could drop in, meet with PDC's application experts and other staff, discuss any HPC-related problems that had come up with your research and get useful advice, as well as enjoying coffee or tea and biscuits.

Since the pandemic, PDC and other SNIC centres have been experimenting with offering joint SNIC online cafes or "zoom-ins". These will probably be formalised as regular SNIC events shortly, with the idea being to enable researchers from all over Sweden to get assistance from application experts at any of the SNIC centres. This page will be updated as soon as we have further information.

Who can attend

Anyone involved with research using high performance computing (HPC) is welcome to attend the SNIC Cafes/Zoom-ins, and make use of the opportunity to get free assistance from the SNIC application experts.

Link for more information 

Here is the link  for finding out the date of the next SNIC zoom-in. (Note that you can send in a question in advance so the SNIC application experts can prepare to help you at the next zoom-in.)

For more information about SNIC zoom-ins, please contact: