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Doing HPC research with PDC

If you use (or want to use) using high performance computing (HPC) for research (in industry/business or academia), PDC provides HPC resources and assistance to use them.

What does PDC provide to assist your HPC research?

  • Supercomputing systems  for calculations, simulations, data processing and so forth
  • Data storage  facilities for short- or long-term storage of data
  • Software  for performing calculations
  • Application experts  in a range of research disciplines who can assist you to optimize code or solve other software issues, and who can also help you to prepare the necessary applications to request to use HPC resources

Who can use PDC's resources for HPC research?

What research does PDC do?

PDC's primary mandate is to provide high performance computing (HPC) systems and data storage systems for research, both in academia and the industry/business sector. However PDC staff are involved in various types of HPC-related research.

  • PDC staff collaborate with industry/business researchers on a variety of .
  • PDC participates in many HPC-development projects .
  • PDC personnel carry out research  on improving aspects of high performance computing, from both the software and hardware perspectives.