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Costs for using PDC resources

PDC's high performance computing services and facilities are available for business and academic research.

SeRC research space at PDC

SeRC researchers, and other researchers using PDC's services, may use the SeRC room  free of charge.

Business research

PDC collaborates with a wide range of companies  doing a lot of different types of research. The level and type of high performance computing (HPC) services that are required vary from company to company.

Companies that are interested in utilising PDC's resources for HPC research:

  • supercomputing systems and software packages,
  • data storage facilities, and/or
  • assistance from Application Experts,

are invited to contact us at  and discuss their specific needs and requirements, and to obtain an indication of the costs.

In some cases, ​time allocations for business research, or assistance from Application Experts, may be available free of charge via programmes such as PRACE . We can give free advice and assistance to help companies apply to those programmes.

Costs when using software at PDC for business research

Most of the software packages on the PDC systems are available free to all business and industry researchers who use our systems, although there are a few software packages that are not available to companies in this manner as the licences were bought solely for academic research purposes. For some of the codes that are free to use, a special agreement may need to be made with the software developers before researchers from a particular company can use the code.

If a company wants to use commercial software at PDC, the company will need to purchase the appropriate licence(s) from the software provider, then PDC staff can help to install the software on the PDC systems and, if needed, set up an advanced solution so that the software can only be accessed by researchers from that company.

Academic research

Academic researchers can use PDC's facilities free of charge.

To do this, you need to apply for (and be awarded) an allocation of time and/or storage.

  • The Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) handles applications from Swedish researchers ( Apply for access to SNIC resources ).
  • Researchers from Europe can apply via the PRACE DECI calls . More information about applying for allocations at PDC can be found here .

All allocations include a basic level of free support by the PDC Support team, Systems staff and Application Experts - just contact  and tell us what you need help with!

Academic researchers can also apply for extensive assistance for a specific research project as part of their application for a time/storage allocation. This kind of help could involve a significant number of man-hours on the part of one or more SNIC application experts.

Costs when using software at PDC for academic research

Most of the software packages on the PDC systems are freely available to all the academic researchers who use our facilities. However, for some of the codes, a special agreement needs to be made with the software developers before specific researchers (or research groups) can use the code.

PDC can also provide researchers with access to some commercial software packages, though usually research groups need to pay the licence fees for using such software.

Free help to apply for allocations

PDC can provide free assistance to academic and business researchers to help prepare applications for time/storage allocations. Please contact  if you would like to discuss applying for an allocation.

HPC advice, assistance and training from PDC

Researchers from business/industry and academia, as well as students, can obtain free advice about high performance computing research from PDC's Application Experts and Support team by attending the "SNIC Cafes/Zoom-ins" .

PDC also offer a range of workshops, courses and seminars  about useful aspects of high performance computing throughout the year. Most of these training events (like the Introduction to PDC Systems course ) are free for all participants. There may be fees for a few events, such as some of the training that is given at PDC by independent software vendors (ISVs). The annual PDC Summer School: Introduction to High Performance Computing  also has fees for some categories of participants, though some types of students can attend free.