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PDC News

  • New project to tackle data deluge: EUDAT – Towards a pan-European Collaborative Data Infrastructure

    Published Oct 11, 2011

    Press Release, 10 October 2011

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  • PDC Best Practice meeting

    Published Oct 04, 2011

    PDC Best practice meetings is an opportunity for PDC users to discuss their usage of PDC resources with PDC staff. The meeting always starts with a 30 minute talk on some hot topic related to using th...

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  • Graduate Courses Fall 2011

    Published Sep 01, 2011
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  • Post-Doc opportunity in exascale computing

    Published Aug 19, 2011
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  • Call for Papers: IEEE eScience2011 Workshop on “Computing Advances in Life Sciences”

    Published Jun 01, 2011
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  • Press release: KTH's Supercomputer Corresponds to 35,000 Ipads

    PDC's Lindgren after the upgrade
    Published Feb 17, 2011
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  • Press release: Cray Supercomputer at PDC

    Published Jun 18, 2010
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  • Parallel Computing: Theory - Hardware - Software with special focus on Multi-core Programming

    Published Oct 26, 2009
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