How to reset your Kerberos password

This section describes how to reset your kerberos password in different operating systems

Linux, OSX, Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Changing your kerberos password is straightforward by using kpasswd

  • Open your favorite shell

  • kpasswd [username]@NADA.KTH.SE
    [username]@NADA.KTH.SE's Password:
    New password for [username]@NADA.KTH.SE:
    Retype New password for [username]@NADA.KTH.SE:


If you are not using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) you must instead use the graphical Network Identify Manager

  1. Open Network Identity Manager (NIM)

  2. Select your kerberos credential

  3. Select menu item Credential -> Change password

  4. Check that the top part of the window verifies your [username]@NADA.KTH.SE

  5. Enter current and new password

  6. Press Finish