How to use module to load different softwares into your environment

Modules are used to load a specific software, and versions, into your environment. In this manner we can uphold a pletora of different softwares and different versions of softwares.

This documentation will primarily focus on using modules on Dardel but many of the commands are also working on our other clusters.

On Dardel we are using the Lmod module system and many softwares can be loaded within different Cray Programming Environments, see Cray Programming Environment.

What softwares are installed

At PDC we install many softwares and to examine what softwares are available for you.

module avail <SOFTWARE># For shortml avail <SOFTWARE>

You can also use…

module spider <SOFTWARE># For shortml spider <SOFTWARE>

Right after login in a new session on Dardel, the listing of software will show a subset of all the programs and libraries that are installed on the system. In order to view and access a larger set of programs and libraries, you need to load one of the PDC modules.

# Loads the most recent PDC moduleml PDC# Loads a specific PDC moduleml PDC/21.11

where 21.11 is the most recent version as of February 2022, see Cray Programming Environment.

What softwares are present in my environment

In order to list the softwares in your environment.

module list# For shortml

How to manage software into your environment

Softwares can be loaded into your environment if you have found which one you prefer.

module load <SOFTWARE>[/<VERSION>]# For shortml <SOFTWARE>[/<VERSION>]


In the old module.tcl on Cray environments you had to use swap for going from one compiler wrapper to the one you prefer. This is not needed on Dardel as it will be handled automatically using the load command.

To remove a software from your environment

module unload <SOFTWARE>[/<VERSION>]# For shortml -<SOFTWARE>[/<VERSION>]

What parameters are set by a specific module

To list what parameters, pathes, variables are set when loading a specific software.

module show <SOFTWARE>[/<VERSION>]# For shortml show <SOFTWARE>[/<VERSION>]

Cray Programming Environment

The software we have installed are are under different Cray Programming Environment (CPE) This is reflected by using the module PDC which by default loads the latest CPE into your environment.

module load PDC# For shortml PDC