Getting Access

Getting compute time

Before running on PDC, users must belong to at least one Time Allocation.

Are you a researcher (PhD or higher) affiliated to swedish academia and requiring PDC resources?

Research projects are handled through the SUPR portal, so applying/joining Time Allocation and applying for PDC account must be done via SUPR

Are you a student taking part in a course using PDC resources or a member of a project not managed by SUPR ?

If you’re a participant of a course using PDC resources or a member of a non-SUPR project, you don’t have to send in a proposal for a Time Allocation.

  • If you don’t have a PDC account, go directly to Apply via PDC webpage and fill in the form.

    • Do not forget to specify the course code and the name of the course responsible. You also need to make sure you are included in the participant list managed by your course responsible.

    • If you are a researcher participating in a project not in SUPR, you should specify the project name.

  • If you already have a PDC account, please send us a mail at and include your…

    1. Username at PDC

    2. The code for the course(project you are participating in. You also need to make sure you are included in the participant list managed by your course responsible or Principal Investigator.

    3. If you are a member of a project, send us your project name

Are you a student (Bachelor or Master level) requiring PDC resources for your thesis?

We do not accept applications directly from students below PhD student level. However, your supervisor can apply on your behalf.

  1. Ask your supervisor to Apply for a new Time Allocation via NAISS.

  2. You can then follow Joining an existing Time Allocation as a project member.

Are you an industrial or business user?

Please, contact to discuss conditions and contracts.

Apply for a new Time Allocation via NAISS

Most Swedish research projects are now handled at the national level in NAISS through SUPR, so managing Time Allocations, users membership and applying for PDC account should be done from your SUPR page.

If you are applying for a new Time Allocation, you will automatically be designated as the Principal Investigator (PI). As a PI, you should decide on the…

  1. Compute-time per month for running jobs

  2. Clusters intended for usage

  3. Duration of the project.

Please keep in mind that the PI will apply for a Time Allocation to cover the needs of all the members in the research project. You can decide what allocation would suit the best for your project with the help of the table below:


Small allocation

Medium allocation

Large allocation


5K corehours/month

400K corehours/month

Above 400K corehours/month

Applicant requirement

PhD student or higher

Senior scientist in Swedish academia

Senior scientist in Swedish academia

Application evaluation

Only technical evaluation

(Assistant professor or higher) Only technical evaluation

(Assistant professor or higher) Scientific and technical evaluation by SNAC twice a year. Evidence of successful work on a medium allocation.

Read more about time allocations and rules governing them at

Once you decide on the details of your Time Allocation, Apply via a SUPR account. You can then login/signup on SUPR and submit a proposal. When you are a member of an active project, you may apply for a PDC account, in case you do not have it, directly within SUPR.

Joining an existing Time Allocation

If you want to join an existing Time allocation, you have to login/signup to SUPR and send an Project Membership Request using the SUPR web interface. You may then apply for a PDC account, if you do not have a PDC account, Apply via a SUPR account.

Check your existing Time Allocation

You can see what Time Allocations you belong to in two ways:

  1. If you have a SUPR account, go to your SUPR page and click on the Projects tab.

  2. If you have a PDC account, you can login to any of our clusters and use the projinfo command. It will print the information of all the allocations you belong to and information on the recent usage of the allocation.

Applying for an account

Once you know what allocation you will belong to, you are ready to apply for a PDC account. You can apply for an account in one of following ways depending on the type of project.

Apply via a SUPR account

If you are involved in a SUPR project, the account request is managed entirely in the SUPR website. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign up or login for SUPR

  2. The following personal information must be entered in SUPR in order for PDC to create your account:

    1. Name

    2. E-mail

    3. Citizenship

    4. Mobile phone number

  3. Become a member/PI of an active project.

  4. Goto Accounts and press Request an account at PDC

    1. Fill in one or several preferred usernames

    2. Fill in Swedish personal number or date of birth

    3. Press Request account

  5. Information regarding account creation will be sent to the provided e-mail address

  6. Account information regarding username and password will be sent to you via SMS

Changes in SUPR are automatically applied to PDC clusters overnight.

Apply via PDC webpage

Applying via the PDC webpage is possible for users that do not have a SUPR account. This applies to users participating in courses, or users associated with external projects.

To apply for a PDC account, you need to fill in and submit the application form linked below. Before starting with the application, please be aware that:

  1. You will be asked to upload a scan of your passport or an international ID card that clearly states your nationality. Users without passport/ID can instead submit a recent printout from Skatteverket stating their nationality (personbevis) together with a copy of a valid identification. This can be ordered online from Skatteverket.

  2. If you are applying for an account for a course which will use PDC resources, you can leave the “Supervisor / Project Leader” field blank and only enter the course title.

  3. Complete the application form at and submit it.

See also

Nationality: Why do we bother?

If you are concerned with what we do with your nationality information or why was ask, we at PDC do not care what nationality you have. Unfortunately, some of the computer vendors and states where these computers are manufactured do care. Therefore we have to restrict citizens of a small number of nationalities (there is a list which is updated now and then) access to whole or part of our facilities.

Request class access

If you are the instructor of a course affiliated to a higher school education in the Stockholm area and want to request access to PDC clusters for all course participants, please complete this application below.

Please keep in mind that we will later ask you for a complete list of all the students participating in the course and will ask you to inform your students to apply for a PDC account.