Contact Support

Before contacting PDC Support, please have a look at the Support pages to see if your questions are already addressed, and check the current System Alerts to see if there is a related issue.

Mail us

PDC uses a support Request Tracking (RT) system to handle all support requests. All incoming support mails will be tracked via the (RT) system so we can more efficiently follow up on your request and all of the PDC staff can help you in handling your issue. To get the best possible help from us when asking for support, please read this information!

Contact support using the link

  • If you are a SUPR user, please login to SUPR. This method will include your background data from SUPR database, like membership in project, groups etc.

  • If you are not a member of SUPR you can still contact PDC support by pressing Cannot login to SUPR and fill in the questionnaire.

Before sending mail:

Make sure you provide with adequate information when requesting support from PDC. In general, try to include the following:

  1. Your username at PDC (this is very important if you want changes to be made to your account)

  2. Operating System you are accessing PDC from

  3. Cluster and (or) software at PDC concering your problem

  4. Did it stop working suddenly or after you made some changes and when was it last working?

  5. Execution commands used (attaching the job script is useful)

  6. Output from commands (You could attach with your mail the output/error files of the batch system. Also the output of your code could contain information about the problem in case you use redirection in your shell commands. Please, shorten files as much as possible to a length that makes it easy to see the problems while keeping messages short.)

After sending mail:

  1. As soon as you send an e-mail, you will receive an automated reply with a subject line [NAISS support #NNNNNN] which is an unique support request number. This number will keep track of all communication we have with you about that particular issue.

  2. When you respond to existing requests, we strongly reccommend using the subject line including the request number [NAISS support #NNNNNN] (simply replying back to our response would do). In our RT system, our conversation will be threaded, and communication will flow easily back and forth between until your problem has been resolved.

  3. Avoid replying back to individual PDC staff. Our RT system allows all support staff to see currently open support requests and the ensuing conversation, making sure available staff personal with expertise can provide support.

  4. Finally, once you have received the e-mail with a support request number, you can be sure that your original e-mail reached PDC safely and that we will answer you as quickly as we possibly can!

For subsequent questions:

  1. Please refrain from using the same request number for unrelated issues: we close your request number once the issue is resolved. If you reply to that support request again with an unrealated question, it will be immediately re-opened with it’s entire history. It causes confusion making PDC staff think that you have continuing problems originating from the old support request and make the entire process of solving your current problem slow.

  2. That said, if your problem actually concerns the previous issue or response that you got from us, you should re-use that request number!

Visit Us

PDC Support is open for visitors from 09:00-17:00 Monday to Friday (except on public holidays), however, please make an appointment first, by mailing us using the information provided above, to be sure that an appropriate person will be available to meet you when you arrive. For directions to get to PDC, click here.

Teknikringen 14, fourth floor
SE-114 28 Stockholm


Slower response times over summer

Please be aware that it may take longer for responses from PDC Support from midsummer to the end of August. This is because many staff members take vacation during the summer period so there are fewer people available to handle queries and provide help.


Support closed over Christmas - New Year break

Please note that PDC Support is completely closed during the Christmas - New Year break each year. The exact dates of the closure are posted on the PDC website each year before Christmas. Normal support services usually resume just after the Epiphany public holiday.


If any of the described methods do not work

If any of the described method do not work for you please contact us by mailing support at