How to login from other Linux distributions

This section describes how to acquire kerberos tickets and login

Installing Kerberos

In order to access the computers at PDC in a secure way you have to install some variant of Kerberos binaries.

  • Gentoo: Install app-crypt/heimdal and net-misc/openssh
  • FreeBSD: generally comes with Kerberos pre-installed (in ports).
  • Solaris: At NADA/CSC: module add heimdal/latest, otherwise use the ssh shipped with Solaris.
  • Archlinux: Gssapi patch for OpenSSH needed. Either download source code and compile yourself or try this method:
install debtap from AUR //if you are using yaourt use yaourt -S debtapDownload <package>.debsudo pacman -U <package>.pkg

If you need support for a Unix dialect that is missing, please Contact Support for additional information.

For configure information regarding your setup goto How to configure kerberos and SSH with kerberos