How to login from KTH UBUNTU computers

KTH Ubuntu already has the necessary software and configuration in place, but the command are working a bit differently so that users can access both their KTH and PDC home folder.

Most kerberos and ssh commands have a special script starting with pdc- Please not that the PDC password is different from the KTH password.

To acquire a Kerberos ticket


You can see what active tickets you have by

pdc-klist -f

The output of this command should look something like

Credentials cache: FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_2140015_BcRCkm.pdc
Default principal: <your-username>@NADA.KTH.SE

Valid starting       Expires              Flags   Service principal
07/02/2018 11:17:58  07/09/2018 11:17:50  FIA     krbtgt/NADA.KTH.SE@NADA.KTH.SE
07/02/2018 11:43:01  07/09/2018 11:17:50  FIA     afs/

To login into a cluster

pdc-ssh <cluster>

Other commands

# Destroy tickets
# Copy files
pdc-scp <localfile> <username>