This page contains useful information for users from SCANIA.

Get an account

To get started using PDC resources within the Scania collaboration, please begin by applying for an account at Specify that you want to use the system Dardel and add a comment saying that your are part of the Scania collaboration at PDC. Once we have received your application we will confirm that you are indeed a Scania user, and will proceed in creating an account for you.


Once you have received your PDC account letter you may login at PDC. To connect to PDC from within Scania you first need to contact Scania IT to have your computer activated for PDC access. Instructions on how to configure your computer for PDC access can be found by following these instructions on How to log in with kerberos


When accessing Dardel always login to the Scania dedicated login node

Login commands

First generate a Kerberos ticket as follows where you should substitute username with your username at PDC…

kinit -l 30d <username>@NADA.KTH.SE

Once you have a valid ticket you can ssh to using

ssh -K <username>

Read more information on how to login with How to log in with kerberos

File transfer

Files are transferred with scp from PDC to Scania as follows:

scp <username><filename> .

Read more information about Using scp/rsync


Scania has its own dedicated Lustre disk system, which is available from Dardel


Every scania user has their homedirectory at

/cfs/scania/home/<1st letter username>/<username>

where u is the first letter of your PDC username. You should always execute your programs in the parallel file system (Lustre). Read more information in the following Storage areas

How to use Linux

You can find a short tutorial on how to use Linux and how to set file permissions by reading Basic Linux for new HPC users


As a SCANIA user you should mainly be interested in…

  • PowerFLOW

  • OpenFOAM

  • StarCCM+

PDC does also other applications. Please take a look at for a list of softwares available at PDC.

Mailing list

Scania users are automatically added to the mailing list:

Both PDC staff and Scania users may post to this list to quickly distribute important information for Scania users.

Contact support

Scania has its personal support queue at PDC which can be reached by sending mails to

More information on how tickets are handled and some general contact information can be found at Contact Support