Doing your research at PDC

Why do your research at PDC?

PDC's Cray XC40, Beskow, is one of the largest supercomputers available for academic research in the Nordic countries, and PDC's application experts can provide a lot of help to anyone who would like to run research code or applications on PDC's systems. In addition, PDC has a wide range of software packages for simulation and modelling available in a variety of research fields.

Who can use PDC's systems for academic research?

Academic researchers at postdoctoral level or above can use Beskow and its sister pre/post-processing system, Tegner, free of charge, once they have been awarded an allocation of time on the systems.

Postgraduate (Ph.D.) students at Swedish universities (or who are based outside of Sweden, but are part of a Swedish research group or have a supervisor in Swedish academia) can be awarded time allocations on PDC's systems for research. Usually a student's supervisor needs to apply for a time allocation on the student's behalf, however Ph.D. students in Sweden can often apply for smaller time allocations on their own. More information about applying for time allocations for academic research can be found here .

How to use our services

For information about all aspects of using PDC's services (from getting an account to running software or storing data), please check the PDC User Support pages  or contact  directly.

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Apply for time on PDC systems

To use the PDC systems for academic research you will need to apply for an allocation of time on the systems. Different sizes of time allocation are possible - ranging from “test allocations” to test your code on PDC's systems to large allocations for large projects. The applications for smaller alllocations can be put in at any time and are handled locally and quickly (within a week or two), so it is very easy to get started with a test allocation if you want to try out running your code at PDC. Applications for large time allocations are handled through Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) and are called for two times per year. For more information about applying for time allocations, see here . If you would like assistance with preparing an application to to use our facilities, please contact .