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PDC Cafes

Thor Wikfeldt, PDC

PDC Cafe, 22 February 2020

This semester we have been continuing with roughly monthly PDC Cafe events where we invite our users to join us for an informal meeting during which questions can be answered and problems solved. After the February Cafe, we moved these events online since everyone is working from home. Using the breakout room feature in Zoom we think that online Cafes can become just as useful as the corresponding in-person events – users and application experts first meet in a main room where a general round of introductions takes place and users get to describe their question or problem, then users are paired up with application experts to discuss particular problems in breakout rooms.

Starting from the 19th of May, the PDC Cafe will be merged with a corresponding outreach activity organized by our friends at the National Supercomputer Centre (NSC)! Joining forces with NSC for such online events will both strengthen ties between Sweden’s two largest high-performance computing (HPC) centres, and make it easier for users who often use multiple clusters for their research to get help from the right HPC expert.