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Thor Wikfeldt, PDC

NordicHPC ( ) is a loose collaboration of Nordic computing facility staff and friends with a special focus on usability and reimagining high-performance computing (HPC) for the modern age. Most members fall somewhere between being application experts or system administrators of clusters – they are largely the people who are the front line supporting research and who deal with all of the daily mess.

The goals of NordicHPC are to

  • share problems and suitable solutions across HPC and scientific computing centres and across countries, and collaboratively maintain these solutions,

  • improve the usability of HPC and large research computing systems for the modern world, and

  • meet once or twice per year in an informal setting to share recipes and issues with the hope of improving the user experience and also the “sysadmin experience”.

NordicHPC has a GitHub organization at  that is meant for sharing and collaborating on clever solutions or hacks to everyday computing and administration tasks. Are you sitting on a nice tool that needs a home? Consider sharing it via NordicHPC! It can give your work more visibility, and shared maintenance can produce better software for all of us. See the repository information at  for more details.