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CodeRefinery Update

Thor Wikfeldt, PDC

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all the planned in-person CodeRefinery workshops have been cancelled this spring. Fortunately, however, this has not meant that the project has needed to go into hibernation. On the contrary, the CodeRefinery team has been using the time to convert lessons into an online format and to develop an online training programme – in fact, two online workshops have already been held during the spring. Although neither teaching nor attending an online workshop offers quite the same experience as attending in-person events, the team of instructors was pleasantly surprised about how well the workshop went and feedback from attendees was very positive. Online workshops will also provide a means to scale up and reach a larger audience than is possible with only in-person events.

Would you like to attend a future online CodeRefinery workshop? If so, fill in the “notify me” form at  to be notified of upcoming events. Have you already participated in one or more workshops, and now want to join the CodeRefinery project in spreading better software development practices to the world, starting perhaps with your colleagues? Then register instead as a helper for upcoming workshops in the “notify me” form at . Bear in mind that there is no better way to consolidate your knowledge than teaching it to others!

Further details about CodeRefinery going online can be found in the blog post at  which came out in the latest CodeRefinery newsletter. To sign up for the newsletter, visit .