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ARM HPC Hands-On Workshop

Xavier Aguilar, PDC

On the 18th of February, PDC held the ARM HPC Hands-on Workshop. This workshop hosted by PDC was part of a series of seminars and workshops offered by system vendors in the procurement to replace Beskow and Tegner. In such workshops, users are presented with exciting new hardware platforms that may become the new supercomputer hosted at PDC.

In this case, the workshop introduced the ARM HPC hardware and software ecosystems, and provided training for current generation hardware and instruction sets (Marvell ThunderX2 and NEON), as well as future generation ones, such as A64FX and Scalable Vector Extension (SVE).

Through a set of pre-prepared tutorial examples, participants were guided through an introduction to the compiler and mathematics libraries, and on to the compilation and emulation of SVE vector instructions. Additionally, participants received help to port and compile their own code examples on real ARM hardware, such as Marvell ThunderX2 processors.

ARM HPC Hands-On Workshop, 18 February 2020