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Online workshop about the CPUs & GPUs used in Dardel

AMD-EuroCC Workshop - 8 June, 2-6pm CEST

Published Mar 31, 2021

Note: This workshop is only for people who are involved in one of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking National Competence Centres (EuroHPC JU NCCs).

If you are planning on using PDC's upcoming new system, Dardel, you may like to attend this online workshop about AMD technologies (which is being organised by the CASTIEL and EuroCC projects) as AMD CPUs and GPUs will be at the heart of Dardel. For an overview of the components of the Dardel system, see PDC's Dardel page .

AMD-EuroCC Half-Day Workshop

Date and time

Tuesday 8 June 2021, 14:00-18:00 Central European Summer Time

Preliminary agenda



Ron Schooler,

Director, HPC Global Sales


Introduction from AMD CTO

Mark Papermaster,



The heart of the HPC System – CPU

Jason Hogan-O’Neill,

Director, HPC Centre of Excellence




Accelerated Computation and the Exascale Era– GPU

Michael Klemm,

Principal Engineer, HPC Centre of Excellence


Working with an OEM

Question and Answers

Future Engagement

Jason Hogan-O'Neill &

Ron Schooler

The relevant ‘Messaging and Take-Aways’, alongside pertinent technical info in the respective CPU and GPU sessions, will be included. Each will cover some architecture details, power and cooling considerations, software development environment, platform considerations, other partners (e.g. Mellanox).

The last session will include the next steps, where to find more material, how to engage companies like AMD in general (NDAs, timelines + roadmaps to sync with procurement timescales) etc.

Attendance details

Please email Martina Blazkova  at BSC if you would like to attend the meeting and ask for the Zoom meeting details.