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Introduction to PDC Systems Course

Thor Wikfeldt, PDC

The course “Introduction to PDC Systems” is held twice each year (usually at the start of the year in February and then after the summer break, either in September or October) and serves to introduce researchers to the fundamentals of high performance computing (HPC), while focusing particularly on the HPC infrastructure at PDC. The topics that are covered in the course include:

  • background information about HPC and PDC,
  • information about the computer clusters available at PDC,
  • how to apply to use PDC resources,
  • how to get a PDC account and log in to PDC clusters,
  • how to run software on different nodes at PDC,
  • how to effciently store your research data, and
  • how to compile code at PDC.

The second introductory course for 2017 was held at PDC on the 5th of October and was attended by ten researchers. Slides from the course are available here . In addition to going through the prepared material, course participants were able to get assistance to set up their laptops for logging in to PDC, and there was also a live demonstration (where participants could type along on their own laptops) of common procedures and commands that are used when working on the PDC systems.

The next introductory course will be held in February 2018. So, if using the PDC systems is new to you, it is highly recommended that you attend the course since it is likely to significantly speed up the process of becoming comfortable with working in the HPC environment at PDC! To find out the date for the course, either join the PDC announcements mailing list  or watch the PDC Events calendar  or follow PDC on Facebook .