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PDC-SeRC Seminar Series

Thor Wikfeldt, PDC

Since earlier this autumn, PDC and the Swedish e-Science Research Centre (SeRC) have been hosting a new series of seminars about e-Science where SeRC members and other interested researchers and students can meet to exchange ideas and listen to inspiring e-Science presentations by outstanding researchers. The seminars take place each month in the SeRC Open Space on the fifth floor of Teknikringen 14 (which, for those who have not visited us yet, is the home of PDC). This space, which was inaugurated last year, is designed to promote interactions between researchers from various scientific domains, computer scientists, and high performance computing (HPC) practitioners - an objective which has been nicely actualized by the new PDC- SeRC seminar series.

All seminars take place during lunchtime (that is, from 12:00-13:00) and participants can enjoy a light lunch along with coffee and tea - this format creates an informal atmosphere which stimulates free interactions with plenty of questions and discussions. The first three seminars in this series have been:

  1. “Building machines that understand human body language” by Prof. Hedvig Kjellström from the Robotics, Perception and Learning (RPL) lab at KTH, 28 September,
  2. “Feature-based Visualization” by Prof. Tino Weinkauf from the Visualization and Data Analysis laboratory, KTH, 23 October, and
  3. “An insight into computational proteomics” by Prof. Lukas Käll from the Science for Life Laboratory, 24 November.

The new seminar series has been well received by people in the e-Science research communities, and PDC, together with SeRC, plans to continue with these monthly seminars in 2018, inviting outstanding researchers from various disciplines to present exciting results from the forefront of their research fields. We hope that this initiative will grow into an established tradition in Swedish e-Science and contribute to inter-disciplinary collaborations and cross-fertilization of ideas.

We welcome you to attend the seminars when they start again in January 2018. All the seminars will be advertised on the PDC website, but if you would like to receive email announcements, please contact Thor Wikfeldt ( ), PDC’s local organizer. Finally, we also welcome volunteer speakers, so please get in touch if you are interested in giving a PDC-SeRC seminar!

3rd PDC-SeRC Seminar, PDC, 24 November 2017