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Making Dardel Easy to Use

Gert Svensson, PDC

PDC has been making changes so it will be easy to use Dardel, and further improvements are also in the pipeline. Here are some examples.

  1. In addition to Kerberos login, SSH login with secret/public key-pairs is now available. There is a new login portal where public keys and allowed IP addresses can be uploaded, and the portal will soon be upgraded to use domain names. For more information, see .
  2. SSH login to allocated compute nodes is allowed (currently only from the login nodes, but the aim is to remove that restriction soon).
  3. Dardel does not use AFS, so home directories are stored in Lustre and are backed up.
  4. EasyBuild and SPACK are being used to install software packages in easy-to-use modules. Expert users can use recipes to install modified personal versions of already installed packages.
  5. PDC, the University of Lund and the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) have agreed to set up a project to install ThinLinc on Dardel. ThinLinc is a remote desktop solution, which makes it much easier for researchers who would prefer to use a graphical interface to work on Dardel. More information will be presented when ThinLinc is operational.
  6. PDC has developed a Quick Start Guide for more experienced users who want to jump in and start using Dardel straight away (see: ).
  7. More in-depth documentation for using Dardel is also available (see ). The documentation is continually being improved, so let us know (via email to ) if you have ideas for improvements as you start working on Dardel.