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Dirk Pleiter, PDC

A consortium of European partners led by the University of Luxembourg has been selected by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking to design and implement the first pan-European high-performance computing (HPC) pilot master’s programme. EuroHPC is an organization that was created by the European Union, thirty member states and several private members to establish a European exascale computing infrastructure. To ensure that this infrastructure is used as effectively as possible, it is essential to advance education and training in HPC and its applicability to high-performance data analytics (HPDA) and artificial intelligence (AI). EuroHPC has recognised this and is therefore investing 7 million euro into this new project, which is called EUMaster4HPC.

EUMaster4HPC will support the training of two cohorts of students through joint- and double-degree master’s programmes and finance the necessary mobility. The students will be trained at two or more sites, which broadens the scope of topics they will receive training on. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to use upcoming pre-exascale systems like LUMI, which is in part funded by Sweden, and to visit leading supercomputing centres for internships.

EUMaster4HPC will also work on a common curriculum for master’s studies in HPC. KTH will be involved in this effort, together with a number of other leading universities in this field. In addition, representatives from private organizations and supercomputing centres will assist with this work. Establishing these master’s studies at a European level will make them significantly more attractive for students in the future.