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Mikael Djurfeldt, PDC

The Swedish brain research community has recently participated in a VR needs inventory to support the establishment of a Swedish EBRAINS node. The EBRAINS research infrastructure is the continuation of the Human Brain Project, an EU flagship project, and is viewed by the European Commission as a catalyser for future brain research.

PDC is taking part in the EBRAINS HealthDataCloud which is a GDPR-compliant new service for sensitive medical brain data. This enables large-scale analysis of hospital data to better understand the complexity behind diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The full dataset of the Jülich-Brain Atlas has been published. It contains cytoarchitectonic maps of more than 200 areas of the human brain, including cortical areas and subcortical nuclei that capture the variability between individual brains.

The NEST Desktop, a web-based GUI for the NEST Simulator that helps users without programming skills to run simulations on laptops or supercomputers, has been published in eNeuro.