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Welcome to the First Online Get-Together of the Nordic RSE Initiative!

30 November - 2 December 2020

Published Nov 06, 2020

Are you employed to develop software for research? Or are you simply spending more time developing software than conducting research? Then you have much in common with a growing international network of research software engineers (RSEs). The Nordic-RSE initiative aims to build a community of RSEs in the Nordic countries, plan meetings and workshops where knowledge can be shared, organize a biannual conference, and provide assistance in starting local RSE groups or hiring RSE staff in Nordic universities.

You are invited to attend the first online get-together of the Nordic Research Software Engineer initiative: .

This online event will start with two invited talks on the 30th of November to set the stage, and will be followed by free-form conversations, short talks, workshops, or other types of contributions on the 1st and 2nd of December. Do you have an idea for a technical talk or short workshop that might not fit into a conference in your academic domain but might appeal to other technical people? If so, please consider submitting a lightweight abstract! If you are unsure whether your idea is within the scope, you can get in touch ( ) to discuss it or browse the programme of the last UK-RSE conference in 2019 ( ) to see the list of RSE topics discussed there. You can, of course, also register without presenting! More details can be found on the event page: .

Join us for the first Nordic-RSE get-together to develop your skills, meet like-minded people, learn about new job opportunities or find people to hire, and join an advocacy network for better research practices!