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Want help to port or upgrade code to use Dardel or LUMI GPUs?

Then apply to attend the AMD GPU Hackathon in March!

Published Jan 11, 2023

Does your research group want to port code to run on AMD Instinct™ GPUs?
Improve the performance of code that already runs on AMD Instinct™ GPUs?
Scale up code to run on multiple AMD Instinct™ GPUs?
Experts from HPE, AMD, PDC and ENCCS can help your research group achieve those goals during this free hackathon!

The AMD GPU Hackathon is a great opportunity for researchers wanting assistance to use Dardel's GPU partition or LUMI. The event will be spread over two weeks with the first day held online to provide introductory material about AMD GPUs and for research groups to start planning the necessary coding work with their mentors, who will be experts from HPE, AMD, PDC and the EuroCC National Competence Centre Sweden (ENCCS).

The following week there will three consecutive days (held in person at KTH in Stockholm) where the mentors will work together with research group members to accomplish the group's coding goals.

Note that research group members do not need to have advanced GPU coding skills, but any who attend the hackathon will need to be familiar with the group's code and have sufficient programming experience to modify it. Knowledge of the basics of GPU programming and profiling will be helpful.

For more details about this hackathon, including other requirements and how to apply to attend, please see .