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Swedish roadmap for research e-infrastructures now available

Published Feb 21, 2019

The Swedish Research Council (VR) has recently published "An outlook for the national roadmap for research e-infrastructures".

Many reports by the Swedish Research Council have identified a growing need for e-infrastructures for research. However, in Sweden, the current e-infrastructure landscape is relatively fragmented and many actors provide different kinds of services at different levels. At the same time, the global Open Science policy in research pushes the need for national alignment with international policies and good national coordination between infrastructures and e-infrastructures for research. The Swedish Research Council and the University reference group for research infrastructures (URFI) identified a need for a review to obtain independent advice from an international expert panel on how to deal with the growing demands for e-infrastructures for research. As a collaborative effort, SRC and URFI initiated this review in October 2017.

During the work, the expert panel observed that a re-occurring theme is the fragmentation of e-infrastructures and differences in ownership and funding mechanisms and the problems this causes. If you would like to read about the independent analysis of the situation for Swedish national e-infrastructures for research and the specific recommendations that were proposed for how Sweden can continue the work on developing a coherent national strategy and roadmap for e-infrastructures for research, you can download the whole report here: .