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Migration to Dardel starting soon

Principal investigators will be contacted prior to migration of their group's files

Published Nov 21, 2021

As the new SNIC system at PDC, Dardel, passed the final acceptance test with flying colours, PDC is preparing to migrate all the researchers who are currently using Beskow and Tegner over to using Dardel. After that, Beskow and Tegner will be phased out around the end of January.

In the final acceptance test, several research groups were selected to test Dardel by running real applications on the system for one month. During that month, the system had to function so that it was available at least 98% of the time in order to pass the test, which it did! PDC is therefore pleased to announce that the process of phasing in Dardel and retiring Beskow and Tegner is ramping up.

Many software packages have already been installed on Dardel, and some are in the process of being installed. Before PDC can let the existing Beskow/Tegner researchers use Dardel and before new users can be allowed to start working on the Dardel system, some Dardel system functionality still needs to be configured.

PDC plans for the Dardel system to be open for general use around the beginning of December. The plan is that researchers will be moved over gradually from Beskow and Tegner to Dardel after discussions with the principal investigators for each allocation. Files will be transferred allocation by allocation from the old to the new disks. While the data
for a particular research group is being transferred to the new system, members of that group will not be able to use either Beskow/Tegner or Dardel for a short period. PDC will provide more information about this process to all research groups closer to when the migrations start.