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Limited possibilities to run long jobs from now till 22 October 2023

Long jobs can be split into several shorter ones

Published Oct 14, 2023

As part of the acceptance test for the CPU upgrade of the Dardel system, the High-Performance Linpack (HPL) benchmark tests will be run on the whole CPU system at different times until 22 October 2023. A few time reservations have already been made for this purpose, which means there will be limited possibilities to run long CPU jobs (jobs that would take several days to run) during this period. Smaller high-priority jobs might also be used to test individual nodes. If you notice that a job that you submitted has not run, then, if possible, please try splitting the job into smaller parts, removing the long job and submitting several shorter jobs instead.

For your information, at the time of writing, the following times had been reserved for HPL benchmark tests:

  • Wednesday 18 October 2023: 13:00-01:00
  • Thursday 19 October 2023: 13:00-01:00, and
  • Friday 20 October 2023: 13:00-01:00.