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Information about the migration from Beskow/Tegner to Dardel

Note what you need to do before and after the migration!

Published Nov 30, 2021

PDC will soon start the migration of users, and their data in Klemming, from Beskow/Tegner to Dardel. When the migration of all projects and users is completed, Beskow and Tegner will be decommissioned, and Dardel will be the new production system.

Data will be moved one project group at a time. We will notify the PI and all project group members about the day(s) on which their project will be migrated. Before a project is migrated, the PI will have the opportunity to assign 1-2 test people who will be given access to Dardel before the migration. They can then check that the software relevant to the project group is available on Dardel (see ) and that it is working as expected.

If the scheduled day(s) are inconvenient, or the required software for the project is not yet operational, the PI can contact PDC to reschedule the project migration to another more suitable time. However, please be aware that doing so would likely mean that the project's access to Dardel would be delayed. Those of you who are a member of more than one project will be contacted with information specific to your case.

At midnight on the day before the migration of a project, access to Beskow and Tegner will be disabled for every user in the project group. From that point on, they will not be able to log in to Tegner or Beskow anymore. If any jobs are still running, they will be terminated before the migration starts. PDC will move any existing project directory data. At the same time, we will also move the data in /cfs/klemming/nobackup for all users in the project group. Please note that data in /cfs/klemming/scratch will not be moved. You must take care of any data you have there that you want to keep before the migration starts. When the migration of a project is complete, we will enable the project members' access to Dardel. How long the migration will take for a given project depends on the amount of data and the number of files that need to be moved, so the more you can reduce your data before the migration, the quicker it will be. 

On Dardel, each user will have a home directory in the Klemming file system, rather than in AFS as on Tegner and Beskow. Data in /cfs/klemming/nobackup will be moved to Dardel, but will only be kept temporarily. You must move your data from there before 2022-03-01; any data remaining there after that will be removed. Since there will not be any nobackup directories, and as the home directory quotas will be limited on Dardel, projects that require more storage will need to have a storage allocation. For projects that do not already have a storage allocation, the PI should apply for one as soon as possible

If you have any questions, please contact .