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Downtime to update Dardel starting on 27 March 2023

Last chance to test the new interconnect and software in advance!

Published Mar 15, 2023

Dardel is undergoing several upgrades, including a new interconnect and software stack. PDC recommends that research groups test the new interconnect and software in advance!

It has now been decided that a significant upgrade will start on 27 March 2023 at 8.00. Dardel may be down for that entire week, though PDC hopes the downtime will be shorter. It will be impossible to log in to Dardel or access data on Dardel while the system is down.

The downtime will also affect Scania users. However, individual Scania researchers do not need to recompile and test applications. The people from Scania and PDC who are responsible for the applications will perform the necessary testing.

After the update, the new faster interconnect and a new software stack will be the default. However, some Dardel nodes will be kept with the previous interconnect and software just in case some (as yet unknown) problems should arise for specific software packages.

A test partition of Dardel is already using the new interconnect and new software stack. PDC strongly advises all researchers to log in to the test partition before this update and test the new interconnect and software stack as described in . Note that it is highly recommended to recompile applications on the test partition before the update. If you need assistance with recompilation, or if you experience issues with your applications, please get in touch with PDC support (

Note that the upgrade and downtime also affect the GPU partition. The great news is that the GPUs will be opened for general use after the update!