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Dardel being updated starting on 31 January

Downtime will only be for one or two days

Published Jan 31, 2024

Dardel is being updated to a newer software stack

As announced previously , Dardel will be switched over to a new software stack called Raspberry. This update is starting on Wednesday the 31st of January and the downtime will only last for one or two days. PDC has been testing Raspberry on a separate partition for some time, and we have found that it works fine. From what we have seen, software recompilation is not required in most cases.

To use the updated system

  • Log in to the login node in the usual way.
  • PDC has updated some of the application software. Such software can be used by loading the module PDC/23.03:

    ml PDC/23.03
    Also, use PDC/23.03 to compile software.
  • To find the module where software XYZ is located, the command

    module spider XYZ
    can be used. Also, the software in the module PDC/22.06 should work (but it is better to use PDC/23.03 if the package that you want to use is available in this module).

To use the GPU nodes

  • Log in as above.
  • The default version of the AMD GPU Stack ROCm is now 5.0.2. Version 5.3.3 has also been installed but is not supported by HPE under Raspberry. Advanced users can try 5.3.3 at their own risk.

Upcoming updates

During the spring, more updates are planned to bring the system up to the latest version, including a switch to the HPCM cluster manager. This means at least three downtime periods of 2–3 days each. The last update might take a week. PDC apologises for any trouble this will cause you. After the update to HPCM, the system should be considerably more stable, and future upgrades will go much faster.