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Course on quantum computing for SeSE PhD students

4-15 December 2023 at PDC

Published Nov 06, 2023

Quantum computing is an emerging computing paradigm lying at the intersection of computer science, physics, and mathematics. Stefano Markidis (Professor of Computer Science, KTH), Pratibha Hegde (Postdoctoral researcher, KTH) and Ivy Peng (Assistant Professor in Computer Science at KTH) are offering a course on quantum computing for students at SeSE universities (namely LU, LiU, KTH, KI, SU, UU and UmU) in December.

The course aims to provide a broad overview of quantum computing, including its mathematical formalism, algorithms, hardware, and programming approaches. The course has been developed with computer scientists in mind and includes programming exercises but does not assume a formal background in mathematics or physics.

For further details about the course, including prerequisites and how to register, see: .

Note Registration closes on 30 November 2023.