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Beskow usage extended due to unforeseen delays with Dardel

Published Jun 15, 2021

The original procurement plan was for the first phase of PDC’s new supercomputer system, Dardel, to be delivered at the end of April this year so testing could be completed in time for that phase of the system to be available for general use starting on the 1st of July. Unfortunately, the installation of the first phase of the system has been delayed until the beginning of August for unforeseen reasons which were out of PDC’s control. Now the plan is for phase one of Dardel to be ready for general use in mid-October, provided no further delays occur, and for selected test researchers to use Dardel during a planned test period, which has been shifted to September.

To minimise the impact of these unexpected delays on researchers who use PDC’s systems, both of PDC’s current systems, Beskow and Tegner, will be kept running until the first phase of Dardel (namely the CPU-partition) is fully operational. These two systems combined provide a similar compute capacity to that of Dardel’s first phase. Researchers who have been granted allocations on Dardel starting in July will be given equivalent access to Beskow and, to some extent, Tegner until the first phase of Dardel has been through the testing period and is fully operational.

If you have any questions about using Dardel or need further information, please contact .