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New Type of PRACE Preparatory Access Available Soon!

Michaela Barth, PDC

A new type of PRACE Preparatory Access (PA) will be introduced soon. It is called Type D “Tier-1 for Tier-0” and will provide researchers with initial access to a Tier-1 system plus access for a demonstration run on a Tier-0 system. Building on the popularity of PA Type C, Type D access will also provide researchers with enabling support from PRACE experts in Task 7.1. The goal of PA Type D is to provide a more effective and explicit migration path for researchers to move from using national level (Tier-1) high performance computing resources to using European level (Tier-0) resources. In addition, new computing resources were made available to researchers in the most recent PRACE PA call (which closed on the 13th of June).

Keep an eye out for calls for the new type of preparatory access, and for project access, at . Speaking of project access, we are pleased to report that Sweden was successful in the 12th PRACE Project Access Call with a group based at the Linné Flow Centre, Swedish e-Science Research Centre, and lead by Philipp Schlatter being awarded 31,000,000 core hours on the MareNostrum system based at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) in Spain for their project Numerical experiments in a “virtual wind tunnel”: LES of the flow around a wing section at high Re.

PRACE Sweden Face-to-Face Meeting 2016

The PRACE Sweden Face-to-Face meeting was held at PDC on the 24th of May 2016. The main topics that were discussed were the current PRACE 2.0 business model draft (and its implications for Swedish researchers), along with presenting the PRACE EUDAT connection and the ongoing planning for the PRACE Spring School in April 2017 in conjunction with BioExcel.