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DECI (Tier-1) Access

Michaela Barth, PDC

The latest PRACE Call for Proposals for HPC Compute Resources using Tier-1 systems (DECI 13) saw five successful Swedish projects.

Project &
no. of hours
System the project
will be run on
Research area
MMIC 13,727,000 Salomon @ VSB Technical University of Ostrava Natalia Skorodumova, KTH Materials Science
PIPESUB 20,000,000 SiSu @ CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd. Philipp Schlatter, KTH Engineering
GraSiC 7,000,000 Archer @ EPCC (Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre) Nuala Caffrey, Linköping University Materials Science
NTCPROJ 18,000,000 Archer @ EPCC (Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre) Ralf Döscher, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute Earth Sciences
CHARTERED 16,800,000 + 6,720,000 + 84,000 Salomon @ VSB Technical University of Ostrava Biplab Sanyal, Uppsala University Materials Science

In total these projects have been awarded 82,331,000 PRACE standard CPU hours, which are equivalent to 20,582,750 CPU hours on Beskow. In addition, a Norwegian/Swedish proposal (FOPZOX, which is lead by Clas Persson from the University of Oslo) is being seen as an internal proposal and will get an additional 13,351,040 PRACE standard CPU hours.

Please note that the call for DECI 14 may be delayed since the DECI Allocation Assignment Committee needs to confirm that there are sufficient reviewers available for the increasing number of proposals – this is in order to avoid the kinds of delays that were experienced with the approval process for the DECI 13 call. This, and other matters relating to the next DECI call, should be discussed at the PRACE Council meeting on the 22nd of June, so further information about the call will be available here later on: .