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Are You Using the PRACE CodeVault?

Michaela Barth, PDC

If not, maybe you should be!

The PRACE CodeVault went public at the beginning of this year (on the 29th of January) and a lot of PRACE effort had already gone into it by then. 

So, what is the CodeVault? It is an open repository containing various high performance computing (HPC) code samples. The project aims to support self-learning of HPC programming and is intended to be used as an open platform for the HPC community to share example code snippets, proof-of-concept codes and so forth.

The CodeVault contains training material from PRACE partners, as well as example codes of common HPC kernels (such as dense and sparse linear algebra, spectral and N-body methods, structured and unstructured grids, Monte Carlo methods and parallel I/O). The code samples are published as open-source and can be used both for educational purposes and as parts of real application suites (as permitted by the particular licences).

The PRACE CodeVault is being hosted at  and it is open with anonymous read access.

If you would like to contribute code to the CodeVault, please see the instructions in the repository.