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Applying to use Dardel

Academic researchers

Apply for an allocation to use Dardel through NAISS: .

Business and industrial researchers

Please contact PDC directly ( ) to discuss possibilities as there are several options, such as purchasing CPU hours on Dardel from KTH.

Using Dardel

Getting started

How to apply for an account at PDC  to use Dardel

Quick start guide for Dardel HPC system

Documentation and tutorials

Getting help

If you need help, please contact PDC Support . Our system experts can help you with day-to-day or advanced issues with the system. Note that PDC also has application experts  in various research fields who can assist you with analysing your code and improving the performance.

System status

View the system status messages

Account usage

View the PDC system & account usage page

How to find usage statistics for your account  from the system & account usage page