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Supercomputing in Sweden

​The Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing  (SNIC) coordinates the supercomputer resources that are available for academic research in Sweden.

SNIC supercomputer centres

There are six academic supercomputer centres in Sweden, which are all members of SNIC :

How the SNIC centres assist HPC research

SNIC centres and academic research

  • The six SNIC centres provide systems for large scale computation, as well as data storage, and also make the services of application experts available to researchers needing advanced user support. Swedish academic researchers can apply to use the services of PDC and the other centres through SNIC

  • In addition, many of PDC's services, and those of the other SNIC centres, are available internationally to European academic researchers via the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe ( PRACE ) infrastructure.

SNIC centres and business/industry research

  • Industry researchers are eligible to apply for some PRACE programmes , and companies can also make arrangements directly with PDC to use our services for research purposes. Further information is available here  about using PDC's services for academic research and here  for business research.

Costs for using HPC resources through SNIC or PRACE

  • Note that using PDC's resources (and those of the other SNIC centres) through SNIC or PRACE is free of charge.