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Inauguration for First Phase of Dardel

Join us online to hear about the new SNIC supercomputer, Dardel, and results from some research projects that have been running on it during the test phase!

Time: Tue 2022-01-25 16.00 - 17.30

Location: Online (link will be sent when you register)

Language: English

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It is time to celebrate: the first phase of the new Dardel system at PDC been rigorously tested and passed with flying colours. So the process of migrating researchers (and their data) from the earlier Beskow and Tegner systems to Dardel is now in full swing!

Please join us in January for this online inauguration event which will feature presentations from researchers who have been using Dardel during the test phase.


Time Speaker

Dirk Pleiter (PDC, KTH Royal Institute of Technology)


A new system for supercomputing in Sweden
Lars Nordström (Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing)


HPE's Cray EX solution
Mark Armstrong (HPE, VP & GM EMEA for HPC/AI)


Turbulence on large computers
Philipp Schlatter (Department of Engineering Mechanics, KTH Royal Institute of Technology)


A multiscale approach to magnetisation dynamics
Olle Eriksson (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University)


Chemistry on Dardel: An opportunity and a challenge
Patrick Norman (Department of Theoretical Chemistry and Biology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology)


Closing remarks
Dirk Pleiter (PDC, KTH Royal Institute of Technology)


Please fill in the very brief registration form for the inauguration  so we can send you the Zoom link for the event.