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ANSYS workshop: Using HPC and Reduced Order Models for ANSYS simulations

Note that this workshop will be in the form of a webinar (to allow people to attend while respecting COVID-19 restrictions) and hence the times have been changed.
If you have already registered, please re-register using the updated registration link below so you will receive the webinar details.
Also note that the title of the webinar was changed to "Using HPC for ANSYS simulations".

Time: Fri 2020-04-17 09.00 - 10.30

Lecturer: Klas Johansson, Ph.D., EDRMedeso


Webinar: Using HPC for ANSYS simulations

ANSYS offers a comprehensive software suite that spans the entire range of physics, providing access to virtually any field of engineering simulation that a design process requires.

Models and simulations are getting more complex, but the demand is to run them faster. The aim of this seminar is to demonstrate the use of ANSYS in an HPC environment and to give an overview of the trends ANSYS is focusing on now and in the future.

One of the current industrial megatrends is to utilise system simulators to build a digital twin of a product. A short introduction on how to use high fidelity models for ROM (Reduced Order Model) creation in order to perform system-level simulations as a basis for digital twins will also be presented.


09.00-10.00 Running ANSYS in HPC environments
10.00-10.30 Q&A


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Recording and slides of webinar now available online

If you missed the webinar or would like to refresh your memory of it, you may register to view the recording of the webinar at  and/or you can download the slides (pdf 4.4 MB) .