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Exascale-ready cell-level simulations for European Personalised Medicine

Per Med C o E

  PerMedCoE  is the HPC/Exascale Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Personalised Medicine in Europe and aims to provide an efficient and sustainable entry point to the HPC/Exascale-upgraded methodology to translate omics information into actionable models of cellular functions of medical relevance. PerMedCoE will optimise codes for cell-level simulations in HPC/Exascale and bridge the gap between organ and molecular simulations, thus contributing to the European Personalised Medicine Roadmap.

PDC-KTH is participating in PerMedCoE as a strong link to the BioExcel Centre of Excellence, which PDC is coordinating, as both CoEs have complimentary activities. PDC-KTH will provide scientific expertise and assistance with usage of GROMACS and molecular dynamics simulations in general. In addition, PDC-KTH will advise PerMedCoE on how to run a successful CoE and on establishing a sustainable research infrastructure.

For information about PDC's involvement in PerMedCoE, contact: